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All staff is Volunteer!  We're here to have fun and help you have fun too!


Tony Pecarina

Camp Director

While not playing at the Kuhlmann Ranch with Cub Scouts or showing up places dressed as Uncle Sam, Tony spends his time with his wife and three dogs and works writing computer software.


Kara Burpee

Assistant Camp Director

While not assisting Tony with day camp, Kara operates an accupuncture practice in Billings.  She also spends her time with her husband, several pets, her two sons and her daughter.




Tiffany Johnson

Program Director

Tiffany is in charge of the program for all stations and activities at camp.  While not working on another project for using a few thousand lunch size paper bags she works for an insurance benefit company and spends her time with her husband and son.

Ryan Johnson

Creative Craftsman

Ryan is Tiffany's other half and works on all the theming at camp.  From building giant AT-AT walkers for our Star Wars day camp to creating massive dinosaurs and this year building an amazing 9 hole mini-golf course he's our go to guy for the cool factor.  When not working with wood, metal, plastic or plaster he spends his time running a print shop and DJ company and hanging out with his wife and son.

Leonard Slemp

Head Ranger

Rangers are an important part of our camp.  They ensure the safety of our scouts from flora and fauna to loose tent lines to traffic control and water deliveries and anything else assigned.  Leonard leads this team and when not guiding cars for dropoff or pickup or a hundred other things he works as a grocery store department manager and an insurance agent.

Kathi Schweigert

Assistant Program Director

Kathi works to assist Tiffany with planning activities for camp.  She ensures that we have all stations and walk around leaders filled for each camp.  When not taking roll and building crafts Kathi works as a company trainer.

Felicia Smith


We would be up a creek without a paddle if it weren't for Felicia's willingness to sort through applications and paper and balance our payment records with the monies we received.  In her work job Felicia has her hands full as a legal assistant for a law firm.

Jamie Slaugh

Marketing Director

Jamie has been at day camp for decades, there's only our camp director who has outlasted her as the longest serving/attending person at our day camp.  Jamie handles marketing day camp to promote attendance at the pack and troop level.  When not encouraging you to sign up for camp, she wrangles toddlers at a day care.

Tina Smith

Assistant Program Director

Tina also helps Tiffany with planning camp activities and works to create the instruction binders for all positions.  When not working on binders Tina spends her time with her husband and their children.

Meg Opie

Assistant Registrar

Meg assists Felicia with registration documents and attendance at camp.  She's the one who will contact parents if their scout has not shown up for camp.  When not on the phone Meg can be found at a grocery store cash register.

John Brault

Camp Guide Tsar

Who better to wrangle a bunch of boy scout camp guides and assign them various support duties than a former camp guide and boy scout?  John has his hands full running a 40+ member troop of boy scouts who ensure that the support work for camp gets done.  When not assigning water duty to scouts, John attends school.

Steven Kirby


"Kirby" as he is known is the only ranger on staff to have not caught a rattlesnake and be disappointed about it.  He's been out at day camp now for several years and is our resident snake charmer, however, he's always been out fulfilling other ranger duties when the rattle is heard.  When he's not chasing snakes, Kirby can be found behind a desk at a local hotel.

Last Updated: 3/23/2016